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Car Audio

Tier One Motoring in West Chester is one of the leading car audio retailers serving the greater Philadelphia area. Since our founding, our unwavering goal has been to design and build the best-sounding, most-reliable solutions on the market. We have spent countless hours researching and testing the best brands in the business to offer you products that deliver cutting-edge performance at all price points.

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Amplifiers Give You the Volume Needed

Have you ever noticed that when a popular song starts playing on your car stereo, it always seems like you just needed a few more clicks of the knob to really start enjoying it? It happens to us, too. The solution is more power in your system, and that means one or more amplifiers. Tier One Motoring has models at many different price points and configurations, so we are sure to have a solution for you.

Speakers Make a Huge Difference

When it is time to upgrade the sound quality of your audio system, speakers make a huge difference. They are, hands down, the biggest overall improvement you can make in a stereo. Whether we are replacing broken speakers, upgrading them in factory locations or doing a full-blown custom install, we have you covered. Our selection also includes models for boats, RVs, motorcycles and powersports vehicles.  Purchase Grill Cloth

Subwoofers Make the Music Come Alive

Do you remember your favorite concert? The way you felt immersed in the music? Chances are, it was the bass. When you can feel a kick drum or bass guitar, it makes the music come alive and quite frankly, it is incredible. Fortunately, an automobile is one of the best places to get hard-hitting, accurate bass. Our team is an expert at designing and building an enclosure that blends with your vehicle’s interior and takes up almost no cargo space, yet delivering an experience that makes you want to keep listening for hours.

Digital Sound Processors Take It to the Next Level

The final piece of the puzzle in a great-sounding car audio system is a digital sound processor (DSP). This is a black box that hooks to a laptop and allows us to take your stereo system to the next level. In the hands of a skilled tuner like the ones employed here, you will experience sound that stages across your dash, allowing you to pick out nuances in the music that you never knew were there. We can do this through a combination of equalization, crossover points, digital delay and signal summing. Hands down, a DSP may be the best overall value in a modern car audio system. Ask us for a demo and experience it for yourself.

Head Unit Options Galore

If you own a basic trim level vehicle or an older model you love, upgrading the in-dash stereo system may be a good investment. This allows you to experience Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, the two best smartphone integration solutions for an automobile. Installed navigations are still popular for people who want the most accurate mapping, and of course, we offer Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming. Maybe you want USB ports to play or charge your portable electronics, or would love to have SiriusXM capability? We have you covered.

Experience Car Audio Excellence in Person

The best way to experience Tier One Motoring is in person. We invite you to contact us to schedule a visit at our state-of-the-art facility with your vehicle and meet with one of our expertly trained staff. They will work with you to design and build the car audio upgrades that best meet your needs. You can also click on the Services drop down for more information about our products and services.

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