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Custom Car Audio Systems

Unmatched Sound

If you are looking for car audio experts in the greater West Chester area, then look no further than Tier One Motoring. 

Great sound in a moving vehicle is matter of bringing many pieces together in mechanical and sonic harmony.  We meld craftsmanship and technology to create awesome musical performance.

Whether it's the crack of a snare drum, the thump of a bass line, the finesse of a piano melody or the roar of a powerful vocal performance, we have to harness both acoustics and electronics to bring it to life in your ride, loud and clear.


We also must make it all work within the limited space of your car, truck, jeep, boat, etc., not to mention keeping it all secured and serviceable.  This is where we shine.  Tier One Motoring employs top shelf materials and methods to create great sound while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle.


Truly Custom Built

We aren't your typical shop that does low quality cookie cutter audio installations. Our capabilities far exceed that. 

Custom speaker box builds, custom upholstery, and unique personalized touches are just some of things that set us apart from everyone else. 

Key Suppliers


Key Components We Handle


The truth is that most car audio systems are designed to provide sound, not perform.


Without the right amplifier, the best speakers and subwoofers will underperform. The best systems align the best parts.


For the true audiophile experience, a properly sized and positioned subwoofer is an absolute game changer.

Head Units

When possible, changing your systems brain – the head unit – makes a huge impact on both function and sound.  If it can be done, we’ll do it right.


In many cases and for most cars, there are custom or unique parts needed to design and install truly excellent systems.  We’ll provide pricing in email, by phone, or in person. Some items are available directly in the store.  Contact us now about system design, product choices and our team will share pricing options for your next project.

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