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Driver Safety Technology

Upgraded Safety

Vehicle safety tech has signficantly improved in the last few years, but that doesn't mean your older vehicle (or you) can't have the latest and greatest.

We can upfit many older vehicles with modern safety technology like backup cameras, blind spot sensors, collision warning systems and more to ensure that your vehicle provides many more years of safe use.


Key Components We Handle


Backup cameras, dash camera, and even 360 degree parking cameras are just some of the cameras that we can install into almost any modern car to give you piece of mind.

Blind Spot Monitors

We offer two key kinds of blind spot detection systems based on budget that will alert you if a vehicle is in your blind spot.  

Park Assist Systems

Our alert systems and parking sensors will notify you if you are getting too close to an object or other vehicle while also providing lane assist warnings. 


If you are unsure of what package is right for your vehicle, our expert team would be happy to walk you through the correct path for you.

Schedule a Consult


In many cases and for most cars, there are custom or unique parts needed when designing and installing driver safety systems.  We’ll provide pricing in email, by phone, or in person. Some items are available in our webstore but many are unique and vehicle specific.  Contact us about system design and product choices, and our team will share pricing and schedule options for your project.

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