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Driver Safety

Tier One Motoring in West Chester offers a wide range of driver safety products for cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles. These days, modern technology can make any driver more alert to their surroundings and help to minimize accidents and injury. Our dedication to researching and testing products has led to people from all around Philadelphia trusting us with their vehicles.
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Backup Cameras

One of our most popular products is a backup camera. It allows you to see the blind spot behind you, helping to avoid an accident. Our solutions include front-mounted cameras to help with face-in parking and cargo cameras that allow you to see what is in your truck bed while you’re driving. If you own a trailer, we can even add a camera to that, making your life a lot easier when backing up. Several solutions are available to display the image in your vehicle, including using the factory-installed color screen in many vehicles.

Parking Sensors Add Depth Perception

Another great product that aids in safely backing up are parking sensors. When you place the vehicle in reverse, they come to life, giving you an alert as you get closer to an object. The sound goes from a slow beep, to a fast beep, and finally a constant tone, alerting you of distance. They work the same in rain, bad weather, and at night, so many people will add them in combination to a backup camera. The small sensors we install in your bumper are barely visible and all the other electronics are hidden from view.

Blind Spot Sensors and Cameras

In more recent years, blind spot detection has gotten very popular. Tier One Motoring has two very different solutions that help alert you of someone in your blind spot when you are going to change lanes.

Our camera-based systems use a monitor inside your vehicle and a camera strategically placed underneath both sideview mirrors. When you activate the left turn signal, you see the image of your left blind spot. If you turn on your right blinker, you see the right-side blind spot.

Our second system uses sensors that are hidden inside your rear bumper. When someone comes into your blind spot while you are driving, an indicator lights up to alert you of their presence. Should you decide to activate your blinker on the side where someone is in your blind spot, an audible alert now sounds as a second warning.

Forward Collision Warning Systems

One of the most advanced products we offer is a forward collision warning system. Once installed and calibrated, it gives an alert if you are following too close to a vehicle in front of you, if you start to drift out of your lane or if you need to stop suddenly to avoid a collision in front of you. It even gives you daytime alerts of pedestrians and cyclists, helping to avoid what could become a dangerous situation.

Advanced Camera Solutions

Our 360-degree camera systems give you a bird’s-eye view all the way around your vehicle, allowing you to navigate tight streets and parking lots safely. You also gain the security of a backup camera and blind spot cameras at the same time.

Dash Cameras Prove Innocence and Guilt

If you opt for a dash camera, it can prove your innocence in an accident where you weren’t in the wrong and the other driver is lying. It can also prove someone damaged your vehicle while it was parked. We see this technology getting very popular, especially with commercial and fleet vehicles.

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The best way to know which of these technologies is best for you is to have a driver safety consultation with one of the experts at Tier One Motoring. You can schedule a consultation or get more info over the phone... call us at 610-788-2226 for next steps!

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