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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installation of a remote starter and/or security package void my warranty?

No, proper installation of a remote start and/or security package will not void your warranty as long as it is installed professionally. It is actually against the law for dealers to void the warranty for this reason. It is important to note that you must have it done correctly because if the installation causes damage to the vehicle it can void the warranty. Installing a remote starter or security system is a complicated process. Our trained professionals can install without voiding your warranty.

My vehicle has a chipped key system, can I still have a remote starter installed?

Yes, with our integration modules we can safely and securely start your car. Please note that some vehicles have chips inside the vehicle itself and for this reason seeing the vehicle allows for a more accurate estimate of work time and installation cost.

My vehicle has manual transmission, can I have a remote starter installed?

Yes, we offer remote start and security packages that work on most manual transmission vehicles. Usually it requires leaving the vehicle in neutral and setting the emergency brake before removing the key. In manual transmission reservation mode this will keep your vehicle running while you exit and shut all doors. The engine will then shut off and if your remote system is 2-way it can send a signal back to the remote.

I already have keyless entry on my vehicle, why should I add the remote starter option?

The biggest factor is that factory keyless entry systems usually have a very limited range. Our high quality solutions offer extended range so you don't have to worry if your vehicle is locked, just press the lock button and ensure it! Also, you can have additional convenience options added to your installation such as popping the trunk remotely, starting the rear window defrost or warming up your seats remotely if your vehicle has this feature. On certain makes & models, we can utilize your factory remote & add these addtiional features to reduce the amount of key fobs to carry around. It's not just about starting your vehicle!

Will installation of a remote starter consume more fuel?

No, if used correctly it can actually improve gas mileage by allowing your vehicle to warm up and thin the oil. Driving a "cold" vehicle right after it has been started can actually lower your gas mileage because the engine has to work harder.

I park in my garage, do I need a remote starter/security alarm?

While you might park in your garage or driveway, think about when you are away from home. You would still benefit from having a remote starter and alarm when you visit family, go shopping at the mall or department store, at a restaurant, sports game, airport, etc. Our high quality solutions provide convenience and safety wherever you may go - not just at home.

During the summer & warmer months, will I use the remote starter?

Remote starter solutions are not only viable when it is cold. They can also be used to cool your vehicle in conjunction with your AC. So during the warmer months of the year, you can cool your vehicle with a touch of a button.

My car has a factory installed security system, do I need an additional security alarm?

Most factory security systems are only a deterrent to theft of the vehicle itself by preventing the car from running and sound an alarm. Our high quality security systems come with shock detection so your belongings are protected along with the vehicle. Yes, most of our security system solutions can be installed even if the vehicle has a factory alarm.

Can I have my remote starter/security system removed from my other vehicle and installed into my current vehicle?

You should always have these systems installed at the location where you purchased the system. We do not recommend removal and re-installations as more often than not the warranty only applies to the initial installation vehicle. This also incurs additional costs that can add up, making the option not financially sound. Our trained professionals are experts with the solutions we offer, and this ensures that you get high quality products and installation.

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