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Laser and Radar Detectors

Tier One Motoring in West Chester offers cutting-edge laser and radar detectors to clients all over the Philadelphia area. From portable units to custom-installed solutions, we have you covered. Every year, more and more people recognize the need for a detector to help them avoid needless tickets, fines and increased insurance rates.

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Custom-installed Radar Detectors Offer the Best Performance

Most people have heard of a portable radar detector because they have seen one in the dash in a friend’s vehicle or maybe have owned one themselves. While a portable unit offers decent protection from radar-based technology, it is useless against laser-based systems. Our systems offer the longest range of any radar-based detector and come in front-only or front and rear solutions, letting you know exactly where the threat exists.

True Defense against Laser-based Radar

Laser-based radar (LIDAR) uses a narrow beam of light instead of radio waves to detect the speed of your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. At 1,000 feet, the beam is less than 3 feet wide and reflects off your vehicle back to the operator. What this means to you is your detector doesn’t go off unless your specific vehicle is targeted. Then it is too late, unless you own a K40 system with laser defusers.

When our defusers see a laser signal, they immediately fire back powerful beams of light that a laser gun doesn’t understand, so it can’t get a reading on you. Now, you have precious seconds to slow down and avoid a ticket. Our K40 systems are completely customizable, so we can add as many laser defusers as needed to protect the front and rear of your vehicle properly.

Expert Installation Means the Best Performance

When you invest in a custom-installed laser and radar detector, you want all the performance possible, so choose wisely who is going to do your install. Tier One Motoring uses reference-standard methods on all our installs. Typically, that means removing bumpers to find the best spots for all the sensors. We also mount everything securely around here.

Many shops use double-sided tape to speed up the install, but that doesn’t meet our stringent standards, because it will fail over time. We solder every connection and apply heat shrink for the ultimate in reliability. We also neatly loom and securely mount every harness for easy serviceability in the future.

Inside your vehicle, we install very component in a manner to look like a factory-installed option, keeping the classiness of your interior intact.

Radar Consultations are our Hallmark

Another area where we differ from our competition is in radar consultations. It is our opinion that the only way to know for sure that you are being adequately protected is by meeting with one of our expertly trained staff. As we look over your vehicle with you, we will ask how you use it and about your driving style. We use all of this information to design the best protection for your unique needs. After all, don’t you want all the protection you can get?

Come See Us

The final step is to call and schedule a consultation appointment. Let’s get together and show you why more and more people are choosing Tier One Motoring for their custom-installed laser and radar detectors.

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