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Our new "shop car" is a 2021 Tiguan SE and we knew it needs some upgrades right off the showroom floor.
Make sure to visit often as the 'Tiggy' will be getting new wheels and tires, a serious audio system, and more.

This upgrade was to replace the factory halogen low and high beam headlights with LED bulbs.
We believe this is one of the best upgrades you can do with your vehicle.
It creates better down-the-road vision for driver safety and enhances the look and feel of the vehicles.

In this case, we used DEAutoLight LED lamps and adapters that are made for halogen housings.
We have a variety of upgrades for your car, truck, etc. based on the factory light type.
Even cars with existing LED can often show improvement with just a lamp replacement and for those with halogen lamps, this is a huge upgrade.

Check out the before and after images in the gallery below.
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