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Motorcycle Audio

Tier One Motoring in West Chester offers state-of-the-art motorcycle audio system upgrades. From a simple replacement speaker installation to a custom sound system that adds high-power amplifiers and signal processing, our team knows exactly what it takes to make your next ride a concert on wheels.

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Mobile Audio System Design Experts

All of our motorcycle audio system upgrades start with a detailed client interview. We’ll ask questions about the existing stereo on our bike and your listening preferences to make sure we understand your goals. Whether you want to listen to a few songs on the way to work or drown out the rumble of a D&D Fat Cat at full song, we can deliver. Once we understand your expectations, our team turns to our decades of experience to create an audio solution that will blow your mind.

Motorcycle Speaker Upgrades

Speakers are one of the most important parts of any audio system. When it comes to reproducing your favorite music on a motorcycle, you need a speaker that can handle lots of power and sound great. Our upgrades deliver crystal-clear and detailed sound that will let you crank some Skynyrd or Steppenwolf to 11! Best of all, they can handle getting wet and won’t fall apart after a few months out in the sun.

We can upgrade your motorcycle with additional speakers in lower fairing and saddlebag lid kits. Adding more speakers lets the system play even louder and with less distortion. Your music will sound clearer and more detailed while you’re cruising around town or running down the Interstate with the throttle cranked.

Amplifier and Signal Processor Solutions

Once you have upgraded your speakers, you need a high-power amplifier to make them sing. We carry a variety of amplifiers designed specifically for motorcycle and powersport applications. These amps produce amazing amounts of power while still being able to fit into your bike without a hassle. If you want Motorhead or Kid Rock volume levels, you need a solid amplifier.

We can add a digital signal processor to your audio system to fine-tune the output. Whether you want every string pluck on Hendrix’s guitar or want that perfect amount of raspiness in Janis Joplin’s voice, adding a DSP can help us make your bike’s stereo sound amazing!

Motorcycle Radio Upgrades

If you have an older bike, a new radio will let you play music from your phone using Bluetooth. You can also play MP3 and WMA digital audio files from a USB memory stick. We can even connect the radio into the handlebar audio controls on most bikes to make using the system safe and intuitive.

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Audio System at Tier One Motoring

If you are tired of distorted sound when you crank up the volume, bring your motorcycle to Tier One Motoring. Riding is too much fun to have a great sound system. Let us show you what we can do for you on your bike!

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