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2022 Bronco Custom Audio Buildout

This 2022 Bronco came to us in serious need of upgrades. Our client wanted clean and clear sound with the top on and off. We took this Ford Bronco to the next level with Focal custom 3-way separates for the front stage with custom mounts in the factory locations.

The tweeter sits above the mid-range in the dash with the 6.5" midbass (all Focal drivers) in the kick. A pair of Flex Evo 10's live in a custom sub enclosure on the tail gate with some amazing Bronco touches!

Everything is powered by a Stinger 5 channel, weather resistant amp(for those top down rides) and all the gear is strategically placed behind factory panels for a stealth install that looks almost like it came from the factory like this. Sound damping from SoundShield improves the overall system performance while giving uninterrupted sound.

This custom audio system provides exceptional sound for the Bronco platform and sets the stage for future development using our laser and fabrication techniques to create amazing custom pieces to help make every install we do top notch.

Feel free to browse all the images in the gallery below for this build so see how the installation went in depth and how we used products from our partners to bring everything together.

And of course, let us know when you are ready to bring your custom project to life.


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