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Audiofrog Volvo Demo and SALE - Aug 8th

We're excited to host the Audifrog demo vehicle - come and listen!

Just announced - All Audiofrog speakers and amps will be 25% off during the demo! This is a great chance to own some special gear, so stop by and make the choice for sound quality in your vehicle on Tuesday!!!

Andy's amazing demo Volvo, with Audiofrog speakers, amps, and a custom DSP, will be at Tier One Motoring on August 8th from Noon-5PM. Stop by to learn more about these killer products and experience "immersive vehicle audio" like you've never heard before. The system includes GB series speakers and A series amplifiers - some of the best gear on the market, and a regular top tier suggestion from the Tier One staff.

Amp rack and subs in Audiofrog Volvo trunk
Audiofrog Volvo trunk view

GB series Speakers...

With a focus on excellent materials, functionality, and sound quality, GB series drivers are a great choice for any build. We see and hear consistent greatness with GB drivers in all kinds of builds. Hearing this little Volvo in person will help you make an informed choice for your next system upgrade.

A view of the Audiofrog Volvo amps and subs
Audiofrog Volvo trunk with amps and subs

Little Amps - Big Impact

The A series amps may look diminutive, but they definitely pack a punch. With 2 options available - 4x150w and 1x600w - both in the same efficient chassis - 210 mm x 126mm X 32 mm (8-17/64” x 4-61/64” x 1-17/64”), these amps can be used in nearly any vehicle or installation scenario and offer outstanding sound quality and flexibility.

Stop at the store on August 8th between Noon and 5PM to see and hear the Audiofrog Demo car. Check out the events page on the Audiofrog website for a bit more info. and to learn more about AF gear for your next install.


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