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Remote Start system using factory remotes and smartphone app for control.  Keep your existing key fobs and use your smartphone to lock, unlock, start and turn off your vehicle.
Using the app gives you basically unlimited range - where ever your phone and your vehicle have cell service, the system works.
The app provides real-time confirmation of all actions within the car - you know what the vehicle status is nearly instantly.
There is an annual cost for the service - only $70 per year.
Visit for more info.

All remote start system pricing includes installation at Tier One Motoring in West Chester.
Covers most vehicles - European or exotic car owners, please call for applications and pricing.
Please contact the store to schedule your appointment and with any questions.
Call 610-788-2226 or email

Typical coverage for the following brands - not all years, models or vehicles included:
General Motors - Chevy/Buick/GMC/Pontiac/Olds/Saturn/Hummer
FCA - Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram/Fiat
Subaru (Push Start models only, key start models, +$50)

Other makes & models covered at additional cost - if you don't see your vehicle please call us.
Manual transmission and custom installation also available

3XLock w/Drone R/S system (uses factory remotes) w/ Installation

$579.99 Regular Price
$549.99Sale Price