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Laser/Radar Detectors

Save Money

We're serious about speedtrap protection.  The integration, convenience and performance of our built in systems can save the day when your foot gets a little heavy.  Range is vastly improved, you don't need to turn it on or plug it in and we can make the entire system virtually invisible.

Talk with us about protecting your daily driver, muscle car or exotic from an unexpected meeting with the dreaded flashing red and blue lights. 

Installations done at our West Chester Location.


Key Suppliers


Key Components We Handle

LIDAR Defense

Laser based radar is undetectable by a normal radar detector until your specific car is in the crosshairs, which is already too late. Our K40 systems will protect against this.

Quality Installs

We do our installations the right way. This means removing bumpers to place sensors properly, wiring everything properly and making sure everything is installed to last.

Countless Options

With so many radar detection options available on the market, we can provide a turnkey solution for almost any price range. 


Our team of expert installers can guide you down the right radar/laser detection path to help fit your needs and budget.

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