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Remote Car Starters

Tier One Motoring in Oaks is a specialist in remote car starters. Our team has installed systems for people all over the greater Philadelphia area. If you have never owned an automatic starter, it gives you a climate-controlled car, truck or SUV. No matter the temperature outside, when you walk out to it, you will experience a warm vehicle in the winter and a cool vehicle in the summer. Doesn’t that sound great?

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Scraping Windows Will Become a Distant Memory

We all know it gets cold in Pennsylvania, and with the cold comes frost, ice and snow. What if we told you adding a remote starter could make scraping ice and snow off the windows a distant memory? As your vehicle is running and the heating system is warming the interior, you can often activate your rear window defrost, mirror defrost and heated seats, giving you a warm and toasty vehicle. If your vehicle didn’t come with heated seats, ask us about adding them.

You Need Plenty of Range

When we talk to clients and the subject of range comes up, a popular thought process is, “I am only going to start my vehicle from home, so I don’t need much range.” While we agree that you will start it from home, we can promise you that once you get in a warm car, truck or SUV one time, you will never want to be cold again. Imagine this scenario: You are out to eat on a Friday evening and your vehicle sits for an hour or two. Why would you want to go out to a cold car if you paid money for it to be warm? On a hot summer day when your vehicle sits in a parking lot for 45 minutes or more, it is going to get hot inside. Your remote start can cool down the interior, giving you a nice and inviting space when you get in.

Two-way Control Lets You Know Your Vehicle has Started

Now that you know range is important, keep in mind that many times you won’t be able to see your vehicle. Our selection of two-way models offer the perfect solution. Whatever you ask of your vehicle, whether starting or locking/unlocking the doors, your remote gets confirmation back from the vehicle once the task has been completed. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Smartphone Control is the Ultimate Solution

Did you know your iPhone or Android phone can be used to control your remote starter? Now, you can harness the power of the Internet to give you almost-unlimited range and convenience. Just like our two-way models, any command you request on the phone app gets confirmed once it is completed. Even better, you have the option of adding real-time GPS tracking so you will always know where your vehicle is located. There is a small charge for a data plan on a smartphone system and any of our team will be glad to go into the details.

Reference-standard Remote Car Starters

Even more important than the quality of the products you choose is the quality of the installation. Modern vehicles use data bus networks known as CAN-BUS systems. Our technicians are experts at integrating products with these advanced electronics, giving you a remote start that will be reliable for years to come. In short, we only know one way to do a job: the right way.

Get a Remote Start Consultation

Tier One Motoring has a large selection of models at varying price points, so we are sure to have a solution that fits your needs. The best way to know for sure is to stop by our state-of-the-art facility with your vehicle and meet with one of our well-trained staff. They will take all the time needed to understand how you use your vehicle over the course of an average week so we can suggest the best fit for you. If you would like to start with an email, simply click HERE.


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