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Remote Start Systems

Upfit Your Ride

We'll be back with more specials and webstore items soon.

Some additional information is required at the time of purchase. Please complete the questions on the product page.

Control AC/Heat

With our remote start kits, you can turn your car's AC or heat with the remote start so you never step into a car that is too hot or too cold again.

Start Confirmation

Our 2-way remote start kits notify you when your car is on and or lock/unlocked via the remote fobs and optional smartphone integration.

Smartphone Control

Our smartphone based remote start kits allow you to control your car from your primary cell phone and even get GPS data on where your car is at all times.

Quality Products

Modern vehicles use data networks known as CAN-BUS systems. Our technicians are experts at integrating products with your cars electronics, giving you a remote start that will be reliable for years to come. 

Base Pricing Includes

Typical coverage for the following brands - not all years, models or vehicles included:

General Motors - Chevy/Buick/GMC/Pontiac/Olds/Saturn/Hummer

FCA - Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram/Fiat






Subaru (Push start models only, key start models, +$ 50)


Other makes & models covered at additional cost - if you don't see your vehicle please call us. Manual transmission and custom installation also available

*Before you purchase a package, please give us a call to confirm compatibility.

All remote start installations require an appointment for installation and at least 48-hours advance notice is required for rescheduling.

Remote Start Specials


3000' 2 Way, 1 Button Remote Start System w/ Installation

2-Way Remote Start system using Two, 1-Button remotes with 3000 foot range. This system provides visual and audible feedback from the remote to know the status without seeing your car!

**Limited availability, remotes may differ from image


2 Way, Color LCD with LTE Smartphone control Remote Start System w/ Installation

2-Way Remote Start system using one, color LCD remote and LTE smartphone control.
This system provides visual and audible confirmation of all commands on the remote. 
You'll always know the status of the system without even needing to see your car.

**Limited availability, remotes may differ from image


3XLock w/Drone R/S system (uses factory remotes) w/ Installation

Remote Start system using factory remotes and smartphone app for control.  Keep your existing key fobs and use your smartphone to lock, unlock, start and turn off your vehicle.
Using the app gives you basically unlimited range - where ever your phone and your vehicle have cell service, the system works.
The app provides real-time confirmation of all actions within the car - you know what the vehicle status is nearly instantly.
There is a monthly cost for the service - only $60 per year.

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