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Services That We Offer

Custom Car

Great sound in a moving vehicle is matter of bringing many pieces together in mechanical and sonic harmony.  We meld craftsmanship and technology to create awesome musical performance.

Radar/Laser Detector Systems

We're serious about speedtrap protection.  The integration, convenience and performance of our built in systems can save the day when your foot gets a little heavy.  Range is vastly improved, you don't need to turn it on or plug it in and we can make the entire system virtually invisible.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Upgrades

If you've got an Apple or Android device, you've got music, maps, and more at your fingertips.  Juggling all of that while driving, however, is an unnecessary and unsafe distraction.

Motorcycle Audio

Want your music to kick ass at highway speed, even with loud pipes?  We've got you covered. Bikes are very different from cars when it comes to audio.  We get it.  We ride, too!  We've got proven solutions for 1998 and up Harley Davidson touring bikes and custom options for just about anything you'd throw a leg over.

Remote Starts

Retrofit your ride with modern remote start capability so your car can warmup for you before you get into it.

On & Off Road Lighting Upgrades

Upgrade your dull factory lights to brighter aftermarket lighting solutions. We also install and setup offroad lightbars and more.


Looking to fit your car or truck with aftermarket wheels and tires? We can help you pick out wheels with the correct fitment and mount and balance them for you.


Maintain your privacy and reduce your cabin heat absorption with our premium window tint films.

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